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Auto scaling

Our auto scaling feature allows for perfect game server availability for your players, taking away manual server managing, and lets you focus on what's most important, game development!
Secure WebSockets

Secure WebSockets

You can enable wss:// secured WebSocket connections by the click of a button. Raidflux automatically handles TLS and DNS, so you can focus on making hit games like
Low latency

Low latency

Our latency map gives an overview of the delay your players can expect based on the distance from a mothership and provides the option to accurately determine the number of motherships needed to ensure the best player experience!
Team collaboration

Support Levels

Three levels of support are designed to meet your needs whether you are starting out, big studio or anything in between.
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World scale reach

We focus on delivering multiplayer game development possibilities to all game developers! We think the best measurement to ensure simplicity is the time needed to set up your infrastructure. As a result, we developed our infrastructure with a setup process of less than an hour!  And with our auto-scaling feature, Raidflux allows you to focus on what’s important
to you, making top-quality games!

35+ Locations

With servers from Google and DigitalOcean we have world scale coverage and offer loads of flexibility to fit your needs.
Signal Range

Latency map

When creating a region plan you have the possibility to view what the expected latency will be to your users

Works with your
favourite tools

We will support other engines using our NodeJS and C++ implementations.

Only spend
what is needed

Every game developer deserves the chance to develop their ultimate multiplayer game, without having to worry about high server hosting prices from the start!
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